Alabama Coasting 2019 - Page 31

FORT GAINES Some suggest the fort is the most haunted spot on Dauphin Island. Visitors to the fort as well as employees tell tales of seeing ghosts of Confederate and Union soldiers wandering the grounds and standing watch on the walls. One of the most reported experiences is of a soldier who follows people around the grounds until they leave the fort. Many visitors to the Fort report hearing phantom foot steps and experiencing unnatural cold spots as well as seeing a woman in a long flowing skirt appear and then fade away. OTHER ISLAND SPIRITS Amongst the Goat Trees, a jilted bride who hung herself from one of the Oaks, wanders the grounds searching for her bride- groom. On the East End Beach, a man dressed in military garb staring at the waves and sometimes drifting across the road into on- coming traffic. A young bride left alone on the island by her husband who never returned, wanders at night from Cadillac Square to the bay whistling for her love. Also in Cadillac Square, a woman who wears a bag tied over her head digging and looking for something. At Sand Island, a lighthouse keeper who fell to his death from a catwalk high above the floor who walks the island smoking his foul-smelling cigar. SUNSET CAPITAL OF ALABAMA Making it official, in May 2014, Dauphin Island was named Sunset Capital of Alabama recognizing that the best sunset viewing on the Alabama Coast is right here. According to Mayor Jeff Collier, “A visit to Dauphin Island is a step back in time, reconnecting with nature and feeding your soul. With the fast-paced nature of the world, sometimes it’s best to take time to stop and watch the sunset.” ALABAMA COASTING’S DAUPHIN ISLAND LIFE 2019 31