Alabama Coasting 2019 - Page 11

On the path to the future, DHP gives the youngest minds power to connect with the world of marine science - ask- ing questions and learning how to find the answers. Teachers across the country make plans year after year to bring their students for the experience. For some students, it opens the door to a desired career in marine science and ocean con- servation. University Programs can help to contin- ue the path for these students. Partnered with 23 Alabama colleges and universi- ties, undergraduate and graduate stu- dents can register on their home campus to take courses and live on the Dauphin Island Sea Lab campus. Their professors are scientists known for their work in a diversity of fields. “University Programs’ scientists per- form cutting edge research on contem- porary issues that affect ecosystems from the watershed to the continental shelf,” University Programs Chair Dr. Lee Smee said. “Our research focus is coast- al, where people interact most with the ocean. Our research projects range from aquaculture, to red tides, to fisheries, to sea level rise. Our projects are of rele- vance to Alabama but are of global sig- nificance such as understanding factors that affect biodiversity.” Graduate courses are offered year-round, while undergraduate courses are offered during three summer sessions. A marine scientist in the making at DISL Discovery Day. ALABAMA COASTING’S DAUPHIN ISLAND LIFE 2019 11