AJC eBook - Dashed Hopes: Anti-Israel Bias at the UN - Page 5

A PARADOX OF JUSTICE The irony is startling. On a wall just outside UN headquarters in New York City, there is a quotation from the biblical prophet Isaiah envisioning world peace: “They will break their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift sword against nation, nor shall they learn war anymore.” Created in 1945 in the wake of World War II and the Holocaust to actualize that vision, the UN has become a major CROWDS I N TE L AV IV C E L E B RAT E T H E UN’S VOTE FOR PART IT ION IN 1 9 47. sounding board for hatred of the world’s The UN helped create the State of Israel only Jewish state. by its 1947 partition resolution that called for dividing Palestine into Jewish and Arab states—a step accepted by the Jews, who proclaimed the independence of Israel the next year, but not by the Arabs, who fought, unsuccessfully, to destroy it. Israel became a member of the UN in 1949. While the Arab and Muslim worlds remained hostile to Israel, it was not until the 1970s, when the Soviet Union and its satellites turned sharply against Israel, that a UN majority coalesced in opposition to the Jewish state. In 1975, the UN General Assembly, in which all countries are represented, overwhelmingly approved Resolution 3379 declaring Zionism—the T HE L ATE SE N ATO R DA N I EL PATRI CK M OY N I HA N DE SC R IB E D AS “OBSCENE” founding ideology of Israel, affirming the need for a Jewish state in the historical T HE U N’ S ZIO N ISM - IS- R ACI SM homeland of the Jewish people—a form R E S OLUTIO N , W HIC H F O U ND Z I ONI SM of racism. It was not until 1991 that the TO B E A F O R M O F R AC ISM AND RACI AL D I S C R I MIN ATIO N . F O R 1 5 YEARS, AJ C LED resolution was revoked, due in part to U.S. T HE U LT IM ATE LY SUCC E SS FUL FI GHT TO influence and as an outcome of that year’s R E VOK E THIS O DIO US LIE. Madrid Peace Conference. DASHED HOPES: ANTI-ISRAEL BIAS AT THE UN • 5