AJC eBook - Dashed Hopes: Anti-Israel Bias at the UN - Page 12

GEOGRAPHICALLY INCORRECT MEMBERSHIP ON THE UN’S VARIOUS There has been some improvement in this committees and agencies is allotted by situation in recent years. In 2000, WEOG, five regional groups of states—Africa, which represents Western-style democracies Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Latin irrespective of geography, accepted Israel America-Caribbean, and West Europe as a temporary member at UN headquarters and Others (WEOG). Each grouping in New York, a status that was made nominates countries from that region automatically renewable in 2004. The WEOG to serve on the various UN bodies, and label has enabled Israeli ambassadors to their choices are then approved by a serve twice as vice president of the General vote of all UN members. While Israel Assembly. In 2013, Israel was admitted to belongs geographically in the Asia-Pacific WEOG at the UN’s Geneva headquarters, but category, that group—with its heavy Arab it remains unidentified with a regional group and Muslim representation—does not at the UN’s other sites in Nairobi, Rome, and accept it. Therefore, Israel for many years Vienna. Israel had submitted its candidacy was the only country unaffiliated with a through WEOG for membership on the regional grouping and hence ineligible for Security Council for the 2019-20 term, but membership in a UN body. ultimately withdrew its bid, when it concluded that in the hostile UN environment it would be unrealistic for the Jewish state to achieve the required two-thirds majority. “ MADELEINE ALBRIGHT AND I PASSED THE AJC AD AROUND THE ROOM OF EUROPEAN UNION MINISTERS—THAT’S HOW IT ALL STARTED. ” RICHARD HOLBROOKE, U.S. PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE TO THE UN (1999-2001) A COMPELLI NG ADV E RT IS E ME NT S E RIE S THAT AJ C PLAC E D IN TH E NEW YORK TIMES HI GHLI GHTED A MU LT IY E AR C AMPAIGN TO ADVANCE I SRAE L’S E QUAL T RE AT ME NT AT THE UN. I N 2013 , IS RAE L ANNOU NC E D ITS B ID FOR A SEAT ON T H E U N S E C U RIT Y COU NC IL I N 2019-20 ( W H IC H WAS U LT IMAT E LY WI THDRAWN) . T H IS WOU L D H AV E B E E N I MPOSSI BLE WE RE IT NOT F OR IS RAE L’S I NCLUSI ON I N T H E WE ST E RN E U ROP E AN AND OTHERS G ROU P (WE OG). IS RAE L WAS I NVI TED TO J OIN WE OG IN 2 0 0 0, IN PART BECAUSE AJ C, IN T H E WORDS OF TH E NEW YO RK TI MES , “L E D T H E C AMPAIGN ON BEHALF OF IS RAE L T H ROU GH QU IE T DI PLOMACY AT T H E U NIT E D NAT IONS AND EUROPEAN CA P ITAL S ,” WH IC H INC LU DE D A 12 • DASHED HOPES: ANTI-ISRAEL BIAS AT THE UN POWERFUL AD S E RIE S IN T H E PAP E R.