Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 95

GAME REVIEW the bad guys it’s as much about timing your punches and counters to build up the combo as it is about being aware of what weapon and bloke is coming at you next. If you punch too often then your attacks will be wasted and enemies will get inside your defence – but if you do nothing but counter then the attacks will not come fast enough to allow you to build up the combo count. This means that your really deadly attacks will never get used – it’s a fine balance. Takedowns outside in the city are also fantastic – my personal favourite move is jumping from the tallest building into a grunt’s face, fists first. You can also shoot the BatClaw to the edge of a building, rappel up at speed and grab a grunt as you go by, quite literally pulling them into the sky before a painfully fast descent back to earth and a satisfying crunch. As you progress Batman starts to show the wear and tear of taking on these criminals. His cloak slowly gets shredded and holes and gashes appear in his armour. This is a beautiful touch that makes the fight to survive feel like a real struggle and makes completing the game all the sweeter. Of course, if you are going for 100 per cent completion you will need to face off with The Riddler. He has decided to place hundreds of little question marks around the city that you need to collect. I got to about 80 before I gave up and continued with the story, and was around 40 per cent done with the Riddler side quest. While I know they continued this from the first game I found it annoying to stand and look at the city, and no matter where I looked all I would see were bright green marks leading me to the next one to collect. It drew me out of the game and I regularly left some poor soul at the thugs’ mercy because I was too busy trying to work out some stupid little puzzle. So I’m not Batman. I can live with that. Until I beef up and get slightly better at the kung fu I guess I’d better stick with this game. Batman: Arkham City gives you all the crime fighting goodness that you want and expect from the series, with a decent storyline and some great twists to boot. It looks good, plays great, and most definitely deserves a place on your shelf. ■ “Much like in the first game they have drawn on the darker side of the Batman stories for inspiration. This isn’t a cartoon, nor is it a kids’ game” Though not epic the city looks amazing, with plenty of little details bringing the dark and decrepit streets to life. As in the first game they have drawn on the darker side of the Batman stories. This isn’t a cartoon, nor is it a kids’ game. BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Developed by: Rocksteady Studios Produced by: Warner Bros Out now on Xbox 360 Playstation 3 and PC Price: From around £30 depending on platform 095