Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 91

KIT REVIEW W ithout wanting to come over all Wikipedia, the main purpose of PLCE is to contain everything a soldier might need to be operational for 48 hours including armament, food, water, protection and comms equipment. PLCE was a replacement for the old canvas 58 Pattern webbing and went through a number of developments throughout the 1980s, leading up to the DPM version (95 Pattern, also known as Soldier 95) that is still current today. There are loads of different components available that make up individual rigs. I am going to look at three of those rigs here. PLCE ASSAULT VEST The PLCE Assault Vest is exactly what it says on the tin! A mesh vest with pockets sewn directly on, it allows you to carry what you would in your PLCE webbing but with weight spread over your upper torso. The vest has two ammunition pouches on the left-hand side, allowing you to carry six 5.56mm-size magazines and a utility/water bottle pouch. Above this is another small utility pouch and an internal pocket with a pistol holster inside (should you need it). On the right hand side are three large utility pouches and a smaller utility pouch, above which is another internal pocket for maps or notebooks. The pouches are again secured by Velcro and plastic clips. The vest is adjustable on the shoulders and at the rear, so can fit many sizes. The front of the vest is secured by three plastic clips and there is a grab handle at the rear – just in case. This vest is great for a newcomer to airsoft looking to carry a little more equipment than you 6