Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 90

PLCE WEBBING Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE) is the current tactical webbing used by the British Army. Danny P takes a closer look at this ubiquitous bit of kit PLCE CHEST RIG There are many forms of chest webbing out there but one of the most easily recognisable sets is the issue PLCE Chest Rig. The rig has three magazine pouches on the front and two water bottle/utility pouches at the side, plus an internal map pocket. It is adjusted using two straps which go over the head and then a waist strap to fit the webbing securely. The pouches are secured by Velcro and have a plastic clip with an adjustable strap, for use when you don’t need to get to your magazines in a rush. The adjustable strap is also useful when carrying bigger items in the utility pouches. I have used one of these rigs on many occasions, often depending on the job I was doing at the time. They are great for urban operations and for use when you aren’t going far from camp 090 March 2012 (or in your case, the Safe Zone), when you don’t have to lug lots of useless equipment and just want to carry the basic essentials. I have to say for someone starting out in airsoft looking for a lightweight rig that can carry up to nine 5.56mm magazines (you might be able to fit 7.62mm magazines in there but I have never tried), and possibly some pyro and water, you can’t go far wrong with one of these. The only downside with the chest rig is that it can be a little awkward at times when you get into the prone firing position, or try to lay flat on your front. The issue one is only available in British DPM but there are many other rigs similar to this out there available in a wide range of colours. Price: Around £40