Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 89

to get it to run high-powered batteries, but most standard parts (even in high-end AEGs from the likes of VFC, G&P, and CA) are not that great compared to aftermarket highspeed upgrades. This is why I personally get my work done for me; I am good with gearboxes but not to the extent of grinding down metal teeth and fitting MOSFETS. A while back my friend Neil (Midas Airsoft) told me about the best upgraded gearbox he had seen. This was the ASG Ultimate gearbox – and what a gearbox it is! Most of the parts inside are of the highest quality and the finish is fantastic. These gearboxes come with very well done shimming, good greasing and work an absolute treat out the box. As with all gearboxes the AOE and short-stroking still needs to be done though, but at least you know they will last for a good long while when it is done! MOSFETs (or ‘Fets’) are Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors, a mighty long acronym! Fets are transistors for amplifying or switching electronic signals to a subject, in our case the motor. Think of this as an electronic gate which opens and closes allowing for instant power to the motor. This helps prevent over-spin (which happens a lot on semi-auto: you fire but it jams and you have to switch to full-auto then back); combined with AOE corrections and short-stroking this makes your gearbox fire as well as a Systema – if not better! There are different types of Fets which have active braking (this basically ensures that over-spin does not happen and is the best to buy) and fused (cut off if there is a problem) as well as programmable. There are several programmable Fets available: attachable ones that connect like a battery but don’t offer the same quality as a soldered one, some three-round burst Fets which are very popular, and one main other. It’s called the Airsoft Systems Control Unit (ASCU) and has been seen in these pages before. It really has raised the bar for all Fets out there. In the pictures you’ll see the f 'V