Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 84

Take a look at the picture of Natalie (left) – she looks as though she is carrying half the mud from the quarry that we were playing in, which begs the question: would you want to play in this environment with your beloved Gucci kit? The major area where Guccisoft comes into its own is AEGs and aftermarket parts – prime examples of this are Systema, Hurricane and Magpul. While the more expensive AEGs come loaded with some real quality parts it does not necessarily make the AEG any better than a standard manufacturer’s model – especially when you consider the cost of repairing or replacing parts in these AEGs. When I purchased my JG G36E almost four years ago many players laughed at me for buying a ‘china-soft AEG’. Yet to this day the gun has not needed any repairs at all, it has only undergone one full maintenance check in 084 March 2012 that time and still has a consistently fantastic rate of fire and greater range than many more expensive AEGs. When you consider that a Systema polycarbonate piston can cost £10.95 but comes without a piston head and only has one metal tooth, would it be better to purchase a JG Mosfet advanced piston that costs £11.90 and is complete with a piston head and full metal teeth? This, I think, is proof that the more expensive brands are not always the best; there is quality kit out there at a reasonable price if you are willing to shop around and not be led by branding. If further proof were needed that going down the expensive route is not necessarily the better option, then consider the following example. The picture on page 82 shows James Robson (a fellow player/marshal from LAC) sporting his usual load-out. James is a