Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 83

MONEY MATTERS “More expensive brands are not always the best; there is quality kit out there at a reasonable price if you are willing to shop around” half an hour crawling through a field of ferns at Ground Zero and wasn’t spotted once by players on either of the opposing teams – despite there being a lot of activity in the area, and at 6ft 2in I’m no small target. This is the clear benefit of wearing a camouflage pattern specifically designed for a European environment, and at £20 for a full load-out it was also amazingly cheap. This argument becomes a moot point when we look at CQB, as there is little need to blend in. You could attend an event in any colour combat trousers and a t-shirt – darker colours may be preferable if you wish to hide in dark corners. Currently I have mothballed my Flektarn fatigues for a combination of a DPM shirt with woodland Ripstop trousers. These do not match perfectly but I believe that mixing fatigues can sometimes be better than matching, as your outline is broken up by the difference in patterns. After all, when you look at a woodland environment there are very few areas with exactly the same pattern – this was the whole purpose of a ‘disruptive pattern material’, to break up the outline with varying shades. This is the one area where I have gone for value over frugality, as the Ripstopbranded trousers do as the name suggests – the manufacturing process of the trousers means that small rips do not spread. They may be more expensive but they are likely to last longer than a cheaper pair. 083