Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 79

could be attacked from several staircases (including from the floor above) the defending Blue forces had to control and coordinate their team carefully. While the principal Red attack kept coming up the main staircase, using about 15 team members, others had fanned out in the building and were probing the Blue defensive choke points and causing a great deal of confusion as to where the main attack was coming from. Although the main staircase was the number one area to hold (as a whole horde of enemy could move up this if lightly defended), it was breakthroughs in other areas and subsequent regens that caused the main staircase to be lost to an overwhelming Red charge. As an observer it seemed that the Blues’ clever tactical deployment of their team and hard work was lost as the Reds dug in on top of the main stairwell, but a Blue counter attack swept them back to where they had come from! Over lunch I picked up my torch and headed out to explore. I wouldn’t get to see some areas ‘in game’, as it’s such a large urban site. The buildings are a mix of light and airy office space with both large open-plan and corridors of smaller offices. The connecting corridors are well lit and if you have decent comms you can actually watch and pass information on enemy team movements through these areas. Most of the ground floor is boarded up so it’s pitch black and a torch is a must. I wandered around old kitchens, R&D areas, SITE REVIEW large storage rooms and plenty of smaller offices. This really is a site for the sneakybeaky player who can move quietly among the shadows and wait patiently in the dark. Because of its shape, even those who don’t know the site intimately will quickly get to understand how the various floors mirror each other and where the main points of contact will be. With a friendly bunch of regular players you will also have plenty of insight into the best tactics and strategies. As I was exploring the nooks and crannies, players back in the Safe Zone were taking advantage of the on-site charging facilities and retail store SWAT 24/7 to stock up. One of the most in-demand items was the hire of BFGs (blank firing grenades) as SWAT offers a package of the grenade, the loading rod and 10 9mm cartridges. SWAT Urban doesn’t allow the use of any other pyros, believing no manufacturer has sufficiently proved that its brand is safe. So these BFGs are highly efficient in this venue as the percussive blast from the 9mm blank will shock the opposition within five metres. It was also good to see how quickly marshals would retrieve the BFG for further use. Some needed to top up on BBs for the afternoon’s session but I had hardly emptied a low-cap magazine. SWAT Urban is that sort of site: you can loose off a couple of hundred BBs and play close-up and personal each mission, or hang back in the shadows and take out the next silhouette that appears in the doorway. Just hope it’s an enemy! The main slogan that you see throughout the site, on ID patches and other insignia is ‘You’re either SWAT or you’re not’ – and I think I can answer that question honestly by saying “I definitely am!” ■ SWAT URBAN AREA 51 Shotton, Deeside, Flintshire, CH5 2RW Site type: Urban office building complex Prices Non-members: £30 Members: £25 Rifle hire: £20 (M4 Stubby or AK47, includes combats and gloves) BFG hire: £10 (includes 10 cartridges) Contact: Paul Knaggs, 0151 644 1611 or 07703 177756, 079