Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 77

Ron Mahoney packs up his satnav and heads off to Area 51 in Cheshire, to uncover the secrets of SWAT Urban airsoft… SITE REVIEW N A B R U T SWA 1 5 A E R A Y ou know how some sites can be difficult to find? You do your homework, check the maps on Google Earth, enter the address into your satnav and visualise a mental path to the site. But when you’ve driven past the same empty dirt track a dozen times without seeing any sign of activity, that nagging feeling of being in the wrong place inevitably starts to grow. Well forget all that when you visit SWAT Urban near Deeside, Cheshire – there’s a huge sign pointing you in the right direction. Admittedly the sign doesn’t actually say ‘Airsofters This Way!’ – it is big, blue, and says TATA Steel. It points the way to some of the best CQB gaming around. The guys behind SWAT Urban have been involved in team combat sports for over 25 years and have a decade of airsoft experience. They started offering paintball experiences at a woodland site (and still 077