Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 74

there’s no time like the present. Anyway, loads of new people are turning up, playing once then becoming regulars. Once you’re in there’s no going back! It will become the biggest hobby in your life. Airsoft may be addictive but it’s in a good, healthy way (when put next to crack or ballet, at least). So moms, if you don’t want your boy joining the military then let him get it out of his system early with airsoft – and if he still joins then at least you know he’s practised! 5 It’s cheap! airsoft a live action game of chess; the players that are the most successful are the ones that can out-think and outmaneuver their opponents 4 Airsoft vs military. I know I’m going to be immolated for this, but airsoft really is the next best thing to joining the military. The thrills you get from running around shooting people, diving in and out of bushes, crawling through bushes and ambushing people is indescribable. What more does a young boy (or grown man) want than to run around tactically (or recklessly) shooting people in a forest (or building)? It’s a guys’ dream! I couldn’t exaggerate more how exhilarating this is. So fellow adrenaline junkies – get into airsoft! Right now. You won’t need to do anything else. Airsoft is genuinely the next best thing. The community is still growing at pace; I know I’ve seen loads of new people turning up at my local site, and mainly youngsters. Young guns are the next generation and 074 March 2012 Now before you jump to any conclusions let me explain that statement. Airsoft is cheap in comparison to the other technologies out there such as Simunition, laser systems and paintball. Assuming that you’re a regular player, enthusiast, trainer, or someone who just loves war games, airsoft is probably your least expensive option – even the initial investment isn’t too bad. If you think about it all you really need for airsoft is a basic AEG with a hi-cap magazine, some cheap woodland camo, eye protection and BBs. Other than the gun, which might run at between £150-£200, the rest of your essentials can be found for less than £30 a piece. An entry-level paintball gun will cost about the same as an entry-level airsoft AEG, but all the other essentials are usually considerably more. Quality paintballs are hugely expensive compared to quality airsof t BBs. A pack of 2,000 RPS Stinger paintballs costs around £35-£40, while 5,000 .20g BBs come in somewhere around £11-£15. Not only that, but paintball players have to purchase extra tanks if they want to play more than a couple of rounds (add £35-£150 on top), get each tank filled for £5-£10 and then hope they don’t run out of CO2 or HPA on the field. As an airsofter, all you need is an inexpensive battery and charger and if your battery dies on the field all you have to do is charge it again. Simple, straightforward and no massive CO2 tank necessary. I’m also a skateboarder, and overall airsoft is cheaper than skating. For example you can pay £100-£200 for a gun, then £20 for a whole game day Let’s say you play twice a month minimum and need a gun service twice a year at £35 a time. That makes your minimum first-year cost around £800 when you factor in ammunition. Your first year of skating would easily tip the £1,000 mark. Let’s say your first board (full set-up) costs £200-£300. If you’re skating regularly you’ll go through shoes like you wouldn’t believe, tearing them up in a month or so, and a decent replacement pair could set you back £60 a time. Let’s assume you break your deck four times that year, at a cost of £50-£60, and you’re already at a minimum first year cost of more than £1,200. That’s not even factoring in stuff like trucks and wheels that break and burn down too. So while airsoft may not be the cheapest of sports it can be far from expensive, and much more economical than some people would have you believe. In the end airsoft is one of the most practical, safe, and fun activities anyone could do with their free time. It’s the evolution of MilSim and, if you ask anyone that plays with an organized group, they’ll say the same thing. This is WarWolf signing out until next time. ■