Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 69

at operator level, including complete strip down as well as barrel removal and replacement. Spare barrels can be maintained at unit level and replacements can be made in the field, allowing for mission-specific and special barrel designs. The .408 CheyTac’s light recoil is attributed to the McArthur PGRS-1 muzzle brake that was designed to strip gases from the projectile before leaving the muzzle brake itself. There is also a muzzle brake suppressor, designed by Ops Inc. Currently two daysights are available. The primary sight is the Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 variable magnification telescopic sight, and the alternative is the US Optics SN-9. The chosen nightvision system is the AN/PVS-14 gen3 Pinnacle monocular. The PVS 14 is attached to the day optic sight using a Monoloc device. Where there is insufficient ambient light or where the infrared laser is needed for further target illumination, an AN/PEQ-2 IR laser is used for system support. The CheyTac cartridge was developed to fill the gap between .338 and .50. The .408 and .375 cartridges were designed (and are manufactured by CheyTac) to outperform the best .50cal projectiles downrange. The projectiles are CNC lathe turned and made of a copper/nickel alloy. It is available in 419gn, which has a supersonic range of 2,200yd or more at standard air conditions, and in a 305gn variant designed for highvelocity, near-range applications. The ABC came about after early testing of the Intervention, when it became THE ARMOURY apparent that the field accuracy level was less than acceptable. A tactical computer was developed to integrate radar data with a handheld computer. The computer, using input from a Kestrel 4000 or 4500(NV) meteorological and environment sensor package and Vector IV Laser Range Finder, calculates and provides the operator with elevation and windage settings. Options include using a Dell or Windows capable mobile phone as a platform for the ABC. On the Discovery Channel in April 2007, during the TV show Future Weapons episode ‘Massive Attack’, the host Richard Machowicz (a former US Navy Seal) hit a human-sized target at a distance of 2,530yd (2,313m) with three out of six shots – pretty damn impressive! The CheyTac M-200 Intervention was also voted the number one sniper rifle on the Military Channel’s Ultimate Weapons. Former US Marine Scout Sniper Patrick Garrity trained Mark Wahlberg, lead in The Shooter, to shoot both left- and righthanded as the actor is left-handed. As the film’s military technical advisor Garrity also taught Mark different shooting postures, how to adjust the scope, how to judge effects of wind to a shot, carry out rapid bolt manipulation and develop special breathing skills. His training also included extreme distance shooting (up to 1,100yd) and the use of ghillie suits. “First impressions are good: this thing looks the dog’s danglies! If you turn up on site with one of these you are going to be your team’s best friend – and on the other team’s most wanted list!” 069