Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 68

SOCOM GEAR CHEYTAC M-200 INTERVENTION The real-steel Intervention holds the world record for the best distance grouping – but how good is the airsoft counterpart? Ratty finds out with Socom Gear’s M-200 Introduction There are many reasons that certain rifles and pistols become famous, such as length of service (Colt 1911) or their use at a certain moment in time (MP5 at the Iranian Embassy siege), and more recently for their use in film or TV (Uzi 9mm). The same goes for sniper rifles too. In recent years, due to on-going conflicts, advances in technology and munitions have seen some revolutionary rifles being adopted by various forces. While the British forces have been issued such rifles as the L96 and more recently the AW.338, American forces have adopted large calibre rifles such as the Barrett .50cal, originally designed as an anti-materiel sniper system. But there is a rifle that was overlooked by the masses until its appearance in Hollywood blockbuster The Shooter – the 068 March 2012 CheyTac M-200 Intervention. Since then there have been a few airsoft CheyTacs to suit most budgets. For those of you who want realism then Socom Gear’s 8mm gas version must be high on your ‘wanted’ list! The Real Deal CheyTac LLC (short for Cheyenne Tactical) is one of a handful of companies that has designed both rifle and ammunition in-house. Its basis is that the design of many military small arms and cartridges in service today are over 5 0 years old. The evolution of new military field tactics has been hampered by a lack of parallel small arms and cartridge designs. Working with both the American military and Homeland Security, CheyTac USA has developed (and is continuing to develop) weaponry, support systems and tactics that have been adopted and will serve as a core to their field operations. The basis of the Chey Tac Long Range Rifle System is the M-200 Intervention rifle, and the CheyTac cartridges that go with it. The rifle itself is a seven-shot bolt-action, heavy-duty take-down sniper rifle. Available in either .408 or .375 (both CheyTac’s own designed rounds), it was originally conceived and designed specifically as a long distance (up to 2,500yd/2,300m) anti-personnel sniper rifle. From its original conception as simply a rifle, the CheyTac Intervention has developed into a total system package comprising of rifle, cartridge and Advanced Ballistic Computer (ABC). Unlike other heavy sniper rifles, the Intervention is entirely maintainable