Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 56

gauge. Full-auto electric rifles are too different a kettle of fish to try and compare against the K98. Comparison against other singleshot rifles is the only way. The power system, controlled via the magazine, is the best out there. You can simply switch magazines to opt for more or less power, which allows for more flexibility than any other gas rifle on the market. The 8g CO2 bulb is a less common size than the 12g versions used by most CO2 pistols; you tend to find the 8g ones in brewing shops but they are available at around 30p per bulb. The action is extremely smooth and feeds each round without any issues. On the field the bolt-action rarely reins supreme, in real life and airsoft gaming alike. The CO2 system does deliver a steady and consistent power and the 8g bulb lasts for a good few reloads. Changing the bulb is tool free as the magazine takedown takes seconds and has the screw key built in. Against other boltactions in a WWII scenario, in particular the other K98s available, this rifle stands head 056 March 2012 and shoulders above the others. Similarly if the K98 was to be used in a sniper role I believe it would be a force to be reckoned with. Depending on your tastes and the games you play this rifle is either for you or it’s not. There is no real middle ground when it comes to the WWII scene – but what G&G has produced cannot be shunned from a performance or build quality point of view. Niche, perhaps, but a quality rifle nonetheless, and the ingenious ability to vary power levels makes this a viable weapon for anyone serious about their role as an airsoft sniper. ■ SPECIFICATIONS Length: 1,100mm Weight: 3,740g Inner barrel length: 577mm Build: Real wood and full-metal construction Power source: 8g CO2 bulbs Magazine: Nine-round CO2 mag Velocity: 350fps or 470ps (depending on magazine) Price: £274.99 (includes sling and two magazines) Available from Land Warrior Airsoft: 0131 654 2452,