Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 54

G&G G980 G&G Armament, long known for its cutting-edge designs, has lunged 80 years into the past. Scott Allan gets his hands on G&G’s replica of the infamous Kar98 G uay Guay – or G&G as it’s better known – has kept us entertained and salivating with a steady stream of releases from Taiwan in the past few years. Recently we reviewed the new PM5-A4 and now we have been lucky to be one of the first to see the final version of the Karabiner 98 (aka Kar98, K98) airsoft rifle. (But obviously, as Taiwan respects international copyright G&G’s offering is not a Kar98 but a G980.) With an excellent finish that boasts a 054 March 2012 hefty real wood finish and full-metal outer construction it is hard to find a reason not to appreciate the new K98; powered by CO2 with variable power to suit every player, there’s little more you could ask for. So if you are a diehard WWII German fan, either airsoft or re-enactment, this version presents a usable alternative for both. Both the length and weight are absolutely spot on and while it feels tough it does not feel overly heavy. The original Kar98 saw service throughout WWII and was the general issue bolt-action rifle until the grim invention of the assault rifle and submachine guns. Originally manufactured by Mauser in 1898 the rifle underwent various transformations and eventually ended up a little bit lighter and shorter, under the Karabiner 98 Kurz designation (K98k). Utilising the 7.92 x 57mm round, the same as the MG42, the rifle packed a mighty punch even by today’s standards. Many of these rifles were also fitted with a scope to be used in a sniper role, but this was difficult and expensive in WWII. After