Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 5

63 GEARBOX HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR GEARBOX? MIKE B CAN HELP! 66 68 COMPETITION WIN AN M4 MOE CQB! 73 77 82 RIFLE REVIEW RATTY GETS TO GRIPS WITH SOCOM’S CHEYTAC M200 YOUNG GUNS WHY DO WE PLAY AIRSOFT? SWAT URBAN RON M GEARS UP FOR SOME SERIOUS CQB GAMING GUCCISOFT CHEAP STUFF WORKS – SO WHY BUY EXPENSIVE? 87 LIPO UPGRADES THE INS-AND-OUTS OF RUNNING BIGGER LIPOS 90 KIT REVIEW: WEBBING DANNY P CHECKS OUT THREE DIFFERENT PLCE SOLUTIONS 94 MEDIA REVIEW ALEX WHARTON TRAVERSES GOTHAM CITY IN BATMAN 97 BOOKSHOP OUR SELECTION OF BOOKS HANDPICKED FOR THE AIRSOFT BOOKWORM W ow – what a month! I’ve had some busy months before but January 2012 is way up there with the busiest! Of course, it was completely dominated by that small gathering of Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Tradespeeps, known as The SHOT Show in Las Vegas which, as you will see from my write-up on page 20, was, well, very large indeed! I was simply staggered at the sheer scale of the Show and just how many exhibitors there were. But something happened at the Show that wasn’t very well reported, something that might just be the tip of a very important iceberg. The Jag Precision/Echo 1 USA booth was shut down and their personnel escorted from the show. Why? Because Cybergun S.A. and FN Herstal had gained temporary restraining orders, alleging Patent Infringement by Jag Precision/Echo 1 USA – the first being filed in Texas on 10 January and the second in Nevada on the opening day of the SHOT Show, 17 January. Extreme indeed but, as it turns out, we could well see the same sort of thing happening here. It is my understanding that at least one UK distributor is looking very closely at companies who are selling copies of their product, after receiving a number of ‘faulty’ items back for repair or replacement – their owners not being aware they had brought copies had sent them in ‘under warranty’. The 6