Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 48

Now I know that pistols are a very personal choice but I have always found 1911s easy to use. I am able to work all the important bits with just one hand. There is very little to say about the right-hand side, apart from the Vtac Pro Training logo on the top slide and some other etching on the frame. The mag is a standard Socom Gear MEU style single stack with a 15-round capacity. The hop is adjustable and dead easy to get to and alter. Simply push out the slide release catch, making sure that no mag is fitted, and then slide the entire top slide. Flip the top slide upside down and you will see a tiny black dial with an indicator on it. Rotating the dial towards the back of the top slide puts more hop on, while going the other direction backs it off. On Test After familiarising myself with this 1911 (which took about five seconds!) I sprayed a squirt of silicone into all the places you need to lube a little. I gassed up the mag with ASG Ultrair gas and manually fed in 13 0.20g BBs. The first few mags were really just to bed the pistol. It was only 5°C and I was expecting a catastrophic failure, with lots of gas venting out and the whole thing getting really cold – but it didn’t happen! 048 March 2012 I set up an indoor range and set the hop to roughly where I reckoned it needed to be. First things first it was out with the chrono to see what reading I could get. Using Blaster Devil 0.20g BBs the first eight shots achieved an average of 289fps, then a slow drop off with the last two shots giving a reading of 266fps. Still not bad with the weather conditions being what they were. Even the last shots were still accurately hitting the target 50ft away. If I was going to be owning one of these babies or using it as a training aide I would definitely be using 0.25g or 0.28g BBs and keep decent range as well as improved accuracy. If I was doing a proper indoor CQB course then I would use 0.30g for accuracy over range. Throughout the entire test the action and workings never missed a beat, the slide snapped back and forth with a clean crisp action. Summary My aim of this review was really to see if Socom Gear has released a gas blowback pistol that’s not only robust and useable enough to be a training aide, but also skirmishable all year round for airsoft players. Going on my day’s usage in the temperatures that it operated in, the answer has to be a definite yes. Not only that but it’s a great, modernlooking 1911 that can either be kept simple or optioned up with a suppressor. It fitted in my Black Hawk CQC holster, so again on the training side you wouldn’t have to worry about changing your kit around as the airsoft toy gun won’t fit! All in all it’s a lovely pistol and if you are a fan of 1911s then this one is a must. I hope that Socom Gear expands on its training pistol range. Let’s wait and see; KWA’s PTP range now has some serious competition. ■ SPECIFICATIONS SOCOM Gear Viking Tactics PT 1911 Weight: 942g Length: 232mm Build: Full-metal aluminium frame and top slide, black polymer grips, licensed markings by Viking Tactics Inc Hop-up: Adjustable Power source: Green gas Action: Gas blowback Magazine: Single stack 15-round capactiy Shooting mode: Semi-automatic Price: £95 Many thanks to RedWolf Airsoft for loaning us the review pistol: