Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 47

up to the job. AEGs don’t stop on the last round being fired, gas rifles just aren’t reliable enough and pistols not robust enough. Things have changed in recent times though: the use of airsoft guns has been adopted by government agencies, branches of the military, law enforcement and private security companies around the world. This is because build quality and realism have improved dramatically. Systema and Celcius make fantastic, electrically-powered training rifles, and many of the latest gas blowback rifles – the WE G39 range for example – can be adopted for training purposes. On the pistol side, KWA was perhaps the first company to bring out a range of dedicated training pistols – but Socom Gear has now released, in conjunction with Viking Tactics, a 1911 specifically for training. So it should make an awesome all-yearround gas blowback sidearm for the airsoft skirmish theatre. Viking Tactics Inc F