Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 46

SOCOM GEAR VIKING TACTICS PRO TRAINING 1911 Like most of us Ratty has a love/hate relationship with GBB pistols – but how does he feel about this one? Read on… G as blowback pistols: we all have love/hate relationships with them. There are loads and loads available, from many different manufacturers to suit wallets of all sizes. How many of us use our pistols to maximum effect though? The answer is probably not that many! Most of the time they sit in our holsters strapped to our legs, or in a MOLLE holster just, well, looking good really. The only exceptions tend to be on CQB sites where pistols see more usage. The UK handgun ban not only took pistol ownership away from law-abiding sports and hobby shooters, it also created a lack of facilities to use real pistols. Many handgun clubs folded as guys joined clubs abroad and took their pistols with them. Some clubs continue using .177 CO2 pistols, some use airsoft pistols that take CO2 magazines. 046 March 2012 We all know that the world is not a safe place and many British citizens are working around the world either in a private military contractor (PMC) role or in maritime security carrying out anti-piracy duties. Companies that employ these guys and girls spend fortunes sending them away to do tactical pistol and rifle training. What if these companies could save that expense and do all the drills and tactical training on home soil, in a safe environment? Step in the training weapon system. Although airsoft has been used as a training aide before it has never really been fully