Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 34

We’re gearing up for some dedicated kit reviews – take a sneak peek at some of the stuff we’ve got on test SOUTH AFRICAN ASSAULT VEST IN ACU £26.99 The South African Assault Vest is an affordable, no-nonsense load-carrying solution. The vest comes complete with nine pouches, including a dump pouch on either side and back pouch for hydration kit. The shoulders are fully adjustable and have padding on the inside. It is not a modular vest but does have all the pouches you could need, with a double mag pouch, two single mag pouches, grenade pouches and big pouches on either hip capable of carrying all sorts of equipment you might need in the field. We can even fit our camera in there, with the lens in the pouch on the other side. The lower pouches can be a bit fiddly if you’ve got bulky objects in the upper ones, but not impossible to use. With everything adjusted the vest gives nice weight distribution and is plenty comfortable for a day’s warfare. A staggering bit of kit when you consider the price, the South African Assault Vest is also available in black, olive, coyote, DPM, Flecktarn, Desert, CCE, Woodland and Czech Woodland (prices £23.99-£34.99) – so something to suit whatever your style! We’ll be taking this into the field very soon – look out for a more in-depth review in a future issue! Military 1st, NCS 3-9X40 RUBBER ARMOURED MIL-DOT SCOPE £64.95 This is the first time we’ve seen an NCStar scope – and what a cracker it is. A future article will take a closer look at the NCStar range, but for now we wanted to show you this rugged, balanced and affordable optic. Ideal for the SDM or sniper role, the Mil-Dot reticle allows for quick and precise range adjustments once you’ve had a bit of practice. Windage and elevation adjustment is good for +/-40MOA and 3-9x magnification means there’s not an outdoor airsoft scenario this can’t handle. Tough rubber armour protects both internal and external components while hightech lens coating technology makes for anti-reflective optical surfaces all round – perfect for you sneaky snipers. Plus red or green illuminated reticle makes for easier low-light shooting. If you’re looking for a dedicated optic, don’t overlook NCStar. Zero One Airsoft, 01202769614, 034 March 2012