Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 32

“Defending teams must stay within the bases – if hit they join the opposition. Fight to the last man standing, or kneeling, or lying in the foetal position!” fighting with each other as well as looking for these guys. The kicker is that the PMC players are usually picked from the best vets of the site, making them very difficult to track and find. This game is hard, no doubt, and requires your team to work well together – on a site this big communication is paramount. The game developed rapidly and it was good to see some impressive teamwork among the players as they attempted to hunt the PMCs while evading the other team. Another game marked by lots of brutal fighting and some excellent play, though ultimately the PMCs managed to evade capture. S8 is renowned for its awesome winddown games, in the vein of pistol/shottie or zombie scenarios – but unfortunately I had to go home at this point. All in all Section 8 is a great site to play, absolutely huge and with some 032 March 2012 impressive bases (the size of this place is truly awe-inspiring). If you like to play in vast areas where the use of fieldcraft and tactics really come into their own then this site is perfect for you. You can go almost anywhere on the site and attack the enemy from areas they hadn’t realised existed. I love this place and if it wasn’t for the guys who run it and the guys who play it, this airsofter may have ended up sitting playing Warhammer for the rest of his life! Special thanks to Steve ‘Reverend Scapegoat’, the owner of S8 (find him on the Section 8 forums for bookings and hires), for all his help in bringing me into this sport. Cheers mate! ■ SECTION 8 Dura Forest, Lanarkshire, ML7 5AB Prices Walk-on: £16 Rifle hire: £15 (includes AEG, hi-cap mag and face mask) Contact: 07974 026517