Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 31

SITE REVIEW cross the riverbed or use the one and only stone bridge directly in front of the cottage. Needless to say playing here is intense! Getting to S8 can be a bit tricky but there are excellent directions on the website and forums. It is located inside the actual forest itself so there is a bit of a rough road to traverse as you’d expect (but it’s no worse than most urban roads these days anyway!). Once you reach the site there is ample parking – and on the day I attended to write this review it was dearly needed as well over 100 players had turned up. All sites have their favoured warm-up game and S8 rotates between a few, including ‘Bomb the base’ and ‘Capture the bases’. There’s another loosely-dubbed the ‘Predator’ game, which sees two allied teams in two separate bases defending against a light force. Defending teams must stay within the confines of their bases; if they are hit by the enemy then they leave the base and join the enemy ranks. Fight to the last man standing, or kneeling, or lying in the foetal position! I love this game, it is a cracker of a warm up and really does get the blood flowing. Before lunch we played a fall-back game with a twist. The fall-back consisted of retreating to full-blown bases with all sorts of defences. The objective is quite simple: once all the defenders are cleared from one base that base is declared taken by the enemy, who moves onto the next one and so on. Once the defenders are hit at the first base they make their way to the second and on to the final third. This is another excellently-designed game involving brutal, sneaky tactics and amazing teamwork, maki