Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 30

SECTION 8 With more than 1,400 acres of airsoft goodness, Section 8 is one of the largest sites in the UK. Baz Collins makes the trip to Dura Forest, to the first site he played L ong before I started airsofting there was a site located at Dura Forest in Allanton between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Its original name was Firefight (Scotland) Airsoft but few have ever known it as that – to us it’s Section 8 (or S8 to the regulars). This was the first site I ever played, and indeed the first I ever even heard about. In my early years I found out about the sport via online gaming clans. One of my teammates put up a picture of him holding a G3A3 and immediately I had to know more. He gave me Section 8’s web address and suggested I check it out. After a quick 030 March 2012 browse of the forums I made a few friends and went to my first game day at Section 8. I’ve never looked back! I still get out to S8 a good few times a year, but as I don’t drive and have a site a mere 20 minutes away I don’t get out as much as I’d like to (S8 is almost an hour away unfortunately). But I finally managed to arrange transport and made my way to the site in early January. The site is massive, and I really do mean massive! Dura Forest covers 1,400 acres and all of it is in play, though obviously not all in one game. There are multiple zones spanning across much of the forest that allow for varying styles of gameplay, and S8 is one of the largest sites in the UK. Speaking of size, some of the bases at S8 are huge too. A lot revolve around wooded bases (obviously) and that’s all well and good, but one built base that springs to mind is Canadia. This is a large base situated at the top of a small gradient. The amount of fun had here is unreal, as both attacking and defending is difficult and makes you want to go and watch Hamburger Hill! But this is not the best S8 has to offer, for on the far reaches of the site there is a total hidden gem. Once you reach it you will be amazed – it’s called The Alamo and is outside the wooded area, across a dried-out riverbed where an old cottage sits. The only way to get here is either to