Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 28

is a little harder to judge is just how many shots missed the centre mass but still hit the main target (I reckon about half a dozen more shots hit the overall target on each occasion). Accuracy-wise, using the Uzi in semi-auto mode yields very acceptable results for a weapon with such a short barrel, as the table below demonstrates. In hindsight we should have tested at 10yds as I think an airsoft SMG should have a range of 10-30yds, but 15 is a good pointer. A fresh magazine of 38 rounds of BB Bastard .25g BBs and with a fresh CO2 bulb was used for each test. The chrono read under 350fps at the start of each test. The zero point and hop was set at 20yds for the duration of the test. As soon as you start using longer bursts of fire the accuracy drops off dramatically, no doubt a result of the considerable kick and dramatic cooling effect of CO2 gas. Likewise the effect of the CO2 over the last few shots sees a noticeable drop in the trajectory of the BB. CENTRE MASS TARGET HITS (EX-38) Distance (yards) Hits (semi-auto) Hits (full-auto) 15 30 17 20 32 20 25 24 21 30 18 13 Skirmishing I’ve used the Mini Uzi at both urban and woodland sites, with temperatures ranging from about -1°C to 10°C in this bizarre British winter we’ve been having. Of course I received a few weird glances when I stood on the start line with temperatures near freezing. “You’re brave bothering with CO2 today aren’t you!” was the general comment. But providing I didn’t weld the trigger (for all the reasons listed above) the open-bolt system on the Uzi means air will circulate around the hop and barrel, and many of the usual problems associated with CO2 in very cold weather can be negated. In CQB games the Uzi’s compact size and ability to switch rapidly from folded to extended stock is a huge bonus. As the site rule was understandably single-shot/ semi-auto when indoors I never really got to experience the thrill of clearing a room and to have that devastating short burst rate of fire when it is needed most though. That said the semi-auto rate and the noise is still pretty intimidating. 028 March 2012 In a woodland setting the Uzi is limited by the length of the barrel and the distance of engagements. As you can see from the chart the accuracy starts to drop away after about 30yds – you can still engage targets at this distance but you will be using more BBs to bring your rounds on target. One thing I did notice is that the BBs tend to climb when fired on full-auto so you probably stand a reasonable chance of a hit but will burn through ammunition. I think that a regular woodland skirmisher would need to invest in at least three additional magazines to get the most out of games. My best moment with the Uzi came when I had managed to flank around the back of a group of four OpFor players, sneaking to within about 20yds of where they stood with their backs to me. I unleashed a burst of fullauto at them, and watching their reaction as they heard the noise of the Uzi was priceless. Their feedback afterwards assured that the Uzi is a keeper for me! Summary What type of player and role would get the most from the KWC Mini Uzi? Well if you’re a low-cap, sneaky beaky sort of player, one who knows that there is a time and place to let a full burst go but prefers to use semiauto for most of your play, then the Mini Uzi is something to think about. There isn’t a vast array of aftermarket add-ons (though there is a silencer adapter available) and you can’t easily add any optics, torches or lasers. In a similar way that many players have looked at an MP7 or MP9, maybe as a back up for a sniper – the Uzi with its classic, simple design can be relied on to provide you with a show of force that a pistol can’t pack. Just as with thousands of real-steel military and police users, picking up this reliable workhorse, cocking that bolt and knowing that when you squeeze the trigger you’re going to get a rapid and fairly accurate burst of fire is what keeps the Mini Uzi design relevant as it approaches the anniversary of the 60th year of production. KWC has certainly taken this on board and done justice to the icon in this CO2 version. ■ SPECIFICATIONS KWC Mini UZI (KCB07HN) Weight: 2,100g Length: 355mm (stock folded); 584mm (stock extended) Build: Full metal/polymer body System: CO2 Gas blowback Hop-up: Adjustable Magazine: 38-round KWC CO2 Velocity: 280-350fps Price: £180 Thanks to Milspec Solutions for supplying test model: 01257 453689,