Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 27

THE ARMOURY Their mission was to rescue more than 100 hostages held from Air France flight 139. The second iconic moment was the attempted assassination of US President Ronald Reagan in 1981. Amid the chaotic scenes after John Hinckley Jnr. shot Reagan outside the Washington Hilton Hotel, Secret Service agent Robert Wanko was seen to draw his Uzi from an attaché case to keep the bystanders back as colleagues bundled Hinckley into a squad car. Given the real-steel history behind it, does the Mini Uzi from Taiwanese manufacturer KWC manage to hit the mark? Build Quality The first thing to note is that this gas blowback replica – designated KCB07HN by KWC, which does not hold the license to use the real name or markings – is a faithful reproduction of the IMI Mini UZI. It is almost entirely full-metal (just the small foregrips, pistol grips and positive safety grip are plastic). The remainder of the body and nearly all the internals are metal – and they need to be. A bit of advice: when firing the Uzi for the first time hold on tight as this little atom packs a hell of a kick – I’ve fired .22 rimfire rifles that had less recoil! The working parts really snap back and forth flawlessly, feeding BBs from the magazine at a frightening rate. In full-auto it will empty a magazine in less than five seconds of jaw-jangling vibration. But this high rate of fire does have its drawbacks; you will struggle to get much more than a magazines’ worth of BBs (38 rounds) out of each CO2 cartridge, and secondly the rate of fire and velocity will decrease dramatically if you just stand there with your finger welded to the trigger. This means that unless you ‘use the force’ wisely (or buy a dozen magazines) you will be sat reloading mags and taking hits as one thing is for sure – the enemy will have heard “In full-auto it will empty a magazine in less than five seconds of jaw-jangling vibration” exactly where you were shooting from. With its slender steel stock folded the Mini Uzi lives up to its name and measures in at just over 14in, with the butt now forming a handy foregrip that makes the weapon very manoeuvrable and excellent for CQB. For more control in full-auto, and for more accurate semi-auto shooting, the stock is swivelled around (it does not lock) and extends the length to 23in. Both front and rear sight are adjustable – the front sight has a small tool to wind up or down and I’d recommend sorting this out before heading into the field. Once in game any field stripping required is simple. The main working parts (of which there aren’t many) can be accessed within about three seconds as there is only a latch that holds the top cover in place. All the bolt components come out as one and then any potential problem, such as a jammed or misfed BB, can be easily cleared. The hop-up is beautifully simple: the barrel nut is rotated against a ratchet clockwise for more hop and anti-clockwise for less, and takes a matter of seconds to adjust it to suit the conditions. Centre mass target results For the accuracy test we used a human-sized target with a centre mass cut out to take A3size paper, so it is easy to record hits. What 027