Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 22

When shadows aren’t enough: The new Kryptec camo at the Show Crye Precision’s multicam softshell One of the things I really wanted to get my hands on was the Kriss Vector, from KWA. Before I left for Vegas the magazine had received a press release saying it would be there and I was keen to see whether it would live up to the hype. If looks are anything to go by then it most certainly does! It is a 1:1 replica of the realsteel version and KWA has also replicated the sloping internals. Unfortunately the show has a no-firing policy so I can’t tell you what it fires and sounds 022 March 2012 like but, if it plays just half as well as it looks, then KWA is onto a winner. KWA was also displaying its collaborations with Magpul PTS, including the RM4, LM4 and FPG. The RM4 features KWA’s patented recoil engine (known as KFS – Kinetic Feedback System) which is said to deliver a much more powerful and realistic kick but again, due to show restrictions, I wasn’t able to test it for myself. The same system is fitted in KWA’s new AK range. While it does not have a UK distribution deal it is my understanding that KWA has been in discussion with a number of UK companies and is close to signing with a major UK distributor – watch this space for more info when we get it. Over at the Magpul PTS booth I was invited in to take a look at the new products, and was immediately taken by the PDR (Personal Defence Rifle), a lightweight, compact rifle that is absolutely loaded with features. I particularly like the two-stage trigger system on the PDR – for those of you that don’t know, a two-stage trigger fires semi-auto at the first stage and full-auto when you pull through to the second stage. This means that you don’t have to release pressure on the trigger to switch between semi and full-auto fire (there’s no selector to turn). Although it features a 10.5in barrel, the compactness of the PDR means that it barely stretches past the mag position on an M4. It takes P Mags or any AR15 equivalents, is fully ambidextrous and has a 9in Picatinny top rail. I also got the first look at Magpul’s long- awaited G36 P Mag and was given a global exclusive ‘heads up’ on its brand new T Mag, a transparent version of the P Mag which will be available in the second quarter of this year. While at Magpul PTS I bumped into Carl Miller from Edgar Brothers, who took me over to meet the guys at Crye Precision. I know it is a stupid statement but camo is such an important part of what we do and more and more manufacturers are realising that airsoft is a lucrative market for their products. Crye Precision is well-known for its multicam products and, although expensive, continues to be popular – as does A-TACS. Almost from the day it burst onto the scene, A-TACS (Advanced Tactical Concealment (not camouflage!) System) has been immensely well-received. I remember being at the War and Peace Show last year and seeing it being snapped up from The Shop at The Grange stand faster than they could put it out! However, the one question asked over and over was: “Is it available in woodland colours?” Well now it is, and I am ecstatic to say that the lovely people at Propper gave me a set to bring back to the UK for an exclusive review, which will be in the next issue of Airsoft Action. Another camo that caught my eye at the show was from a company I had not heard of, Kryptek. The company’s tagline is “When shadows are not enough” and looking at