Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 18

assaults an enemy position without superior numbers meant that NATO in the story had a surplus of men and materiel. One criticism of the day would be that the idea of a regen vs medic system was essentially sound but not all players were aware of it. During the early phases of play this led to some raised tensions and a few mutterings of ‘Teflon bastards’ from the Russian side. Sian: I felt the use of different regen rules at different points in the day was good though as it kept it interesting. It was clear the guys from Urban 6 did it because it fitted that scenario, rather than being stuck with the “Well we do medic rules here because that’s what we always do” attitude that I’ve encountered in the past. Gadge: Once again we have to applaud Urban 6’s team for making sure that e veryone got some hot food and drink down them during the break. Even in cold and wet weather it’s 018 March 2012 all too easy to dehydrate. A drink and a chat around the gas heaters do wonders to restore morale and calm frayed tempers! With lunch out of the way we took to the field again for the second part of the adventure. With the SAM sites cleared the NATO forces now had to clear a set of radar dishes, to deny the enemy any early warning of the incoming NATO heli forces. In much the same way as the morning’s play, every single feature of the site became a fearsome redoubt for the enemy. As the occasional sleet and snow showers fell and obscured vision, hit and run ambushes were conducted by small roving Russian patrols separate from the main defending force. Many airsofters will know Swynnerton from some of the early Town Assault games, and many more from having spent uncomfortable days on Army, TA and ACF exercises on it. The sheer variety of terrain at Swynnerton is quite staggering. Built as an ordnance factory and storage site in WWII and later used as a nuclear defence site and Army Training Area, the site has a curious mix of ruined red brick building (including an underground hospital), blastproof bunkers, assault courses and even an amphibious assault training area. Recently the MoD has upgraded the site to include realistic Afghanistan security bases and vehicle check points – and the Urban 6 guys are lucky enough to be allowed to use these new areas too! It was on an attack up the side of one of these concrete bunkers that the NATO forces finally put paid to the last troublesome radar dish – and with the imminent arrival of troops the Russian force headed for the hills. While NATO may have achieved its objectives the Russians had cost the Brits and Yanks dearly – and they still had one last card to play… While the main battle was underway a team of rebels had captured a downed NATO pilot and were holding him hostage in a secure base. It was up to NATO to get him back! For this final instalment all hell broke loose as the NATO force swooped down upon the ‘Afghan compound’ area... After a truly chaotic firefight the allies managed to free the captive and the final whistle was blown. As the guys called endex there were smiling faces all around despite the appalling weather (Operation Clear Skies? Operation Pissing It Down more like...). Urban 6 had provided a thoroughly engrossing and entertaining day – and we can see why they have a large and loyal base of regular players. So if you’re an airsofter looking for something a bit more involved than your average open day but perhaps less kit-intensive than a MilSim weekend, this might be exactly what you’ve been searching for! ■ URBAN 6 AIRSOFT Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 0QN Prices Walk-on: £30 Rifle hire: From £15 (incudes rifle, face mask, chest rig and 1,000 BBs) to £25 (for heavy gunner or sniper package) Contact,