Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 17

SITE REVIEW related reason for us to move out to the next stage of the day. The scenarios were allowed to go on long enough to get the most out of interesting skirmishing terrain, but moved on before it became dull. The movement between scenarios felt fairly organic and not forced or contrived. Gadge: As the patrols pushed out further they occasionally found themselves subject to some well-executed Russian harassing attacks. Before long the first of the SAMs was discovered though, and promptly destroyed. Throughout the day the Russian forces really had NATO on the ropes and every single SAM site was a real effort to locate and destroy, so when the marshals called a halt for a much-needed meal break I don’t think anybody on the NATO team was particularly upset! For the whole morning NATO had been on a regen rule, allowing them to keep deploying troops to hammer away at the Russian positions, while the Russians were allowed a medic once they were hit to get them back into the game. Working on the military maxim that no attacker “...we were given further crucial safety info. To paraphrase: ‘See that hill there, don’t go past it or you might get shot – as in really shot’” wasn’t an issues as the marshals were on the ball and marking with signs or tickertape would have detracted from the (at times terrifyingly) real feel of the skirmishing on what is, as mentioned above, a proper army training base. with the fairly loose ‘kit requirements’ a fair few had got into the spirit of day and on the Russian side at least there were a few ushankas donned and a greatcoat or two (though the believable Siberian temperatures may have been a factor of the kit choice). On route to the first scenario start point we were given further crucial safety info. To paraphrase: “See that hill there, don’t go past it or you might get shot – as in really shot.” (I hasten to add these weren’t the exact words, but that’s what my brain translated it as). At first I was a bit unsure as to how easy the boundaries would be to remember since they weren’t clearly marked. But in retrospect it Gadge: The Russian forces left quickly to set up defensive positions. Once they had been given sufficient time to dig in the NATO foot patrol set out. (Their objectives were threefold: destroy SAM radar sites, locate and destroy the mobile launchers, and take out any rebels that opposed them.) Before too long the carefully staggered foot patrol scouts had found the enemy firmly ensconced in a bunker complex. A hasty attack was launched and after a frantic firefight the Russians were pushed out, and NATO had its first foothold in the province. Sian: The site organisers kept up really good comms and kept the gameplay moving. Once it became apparent the Russians were firmly bedded into the complex they prevented a stalemate and provided a plausible plot- 017