Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 13

Only 50 of each of these Special Edition M4s will be made so you can guarantee they will be highly sought-after – but Ratty has got his hands on them first! THE ARMOURY normal build quality. It arrived in a plain brown box (as with all G&Ps) and when I’d finally fought off the bubble-wrap my initial impression was of a nice-looking, chunky CQB weapon. If you like Magpul kit then you will love this! Starting from the rear it features: a Magpul PTS MOE five-position collapsible stock, an ambidextrous sling attachment point (ASAP) and an MOE pistol grip. I really like the receiver – all black, all metal and with a large Magpul logo on the magwell on the left-hand-side of the receiver. I like the fact that the fire selector is in picture format (similar to H&K style) rather than the usual standard ‘Safe/Semi/Auto’. On 013