Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 12

G&P/MAGPUL PTS M4 MOE SPECIAL EDITIONS I can hear a load of you groaning already and deep sighs around the UK as you think: “Oh great! More M4s!” Hang on a moment though – there’s more to this than meets the eye. When you get three big businesses in the airsoft community, working together to produce a bit of kit, that’s surely a sign airsoft as a whole is moving in the right direction. In the last issue I reviewed the Beta Project/Magpul PTS Tactical AK (which I was rather taken with). As a collaboration between the twi it worked really well. But perhaps that was just the start of it. 012 March 2012 So who is involved with these two rifles and why are they special? Edgar Brothers has worked closely with G&P and Magpul PTS and commissioned these two editions. With a limited build of just 50 units of each rifle they fall into the brackets of useable airsoft AEGs as well as collectors’ pieces. More than 10 years ago Tokyo Marui launched two special limited edition models: the AK47 Spetsnaz (not the Beta Spetsnaz model) and the MP5A4 Navy. At the time, neither cost much more than other Tokyo Marui AEGs, but after the production run had finished they started going up in value. The MP5A4 Navy was overshadowed by the AK47 Spetsnaz, the price of which eventually exceeded £500. I am not saying that these two models will do the same – the airsoft world is a different place these days – but with just 50 units you can’t help thinking it could be a possibility. The guns: an overview M4 MOE CQB G&P M4s have always been well-made and solid bits of kit. Available in a variety of different lengths, styles and markings I was expecting something that would exceed the