Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 11

AIRSOFT NEWS AIRSOFT ARMS FAIR 5 The Airsoft Arms Fair has announced that GBB specialist Milspec Solutions will be exhibiting for the first time at the 5th Arms Fair and Tac Gear Show, to be held 19 May. Milspec joins Swindon Airsoft, East Midlands Airsoft, First and Only and Airsoft Direct as confirmed exhibitors. More will follow in the next three months leading up to the show – including us! Returning to a one-day format this time, the Airsoft Arms Fair and Tac Gear Show will take place at The Grange (near Coventry) and sees players, retailers, operators and private sellers come together for a seven-hour festival of airsoft goodness. Expect to see the AIPSC course run by The Grange to make a welcome return and more action to be announced soon. Entry times are staggered with three options available: 10am entry, 11.30am entry and 1pm entry. All tickets cost £9. If you have a valid VCRA defence be sure to contact The Grange in good time so it can be verified. Without doing so you will not be able to purchase RIFs at the event. For more details contact The Arms Fair: 01676 532384, WIREPULL BURST SMOKE Enola Gaye has released its newest pyrotechnic smoke grenade, the WirePull BURST. An improved wirepull design, rapid burn rate and huge volume of doublevented smoke make it the ultimate smoke grenade for the skirmish field. The first of five new devices to be launched by the company this year, Enola Gaye’s WirePull BURST was on sale for the first time at the SUPER6 paintball event held 4-5 February. Expect to see them available more widely by the end of February]. For details contact Enola Gaye: 01189 714470, www.enolagaye. com 011