Airsoft Action 07 - Mar 2012 - Page 10

THE FUTURE OF WARFARE: SELF-GUIDED BULLET A prototype of a self-guided bullet has been demonstrated to be effective up to 2,000 metres. The picture here shows the bullet’s trajectory when fired, with an LED attached to the bullet combined with timelapse photography making it possible to see just how they work. Developed by Sandia National Laboratories the 4in-long .50 bullet is loaded with optical sensor, CPU, actuator and battery. When a laser is used to designate the target the actuators within the bullet ‘steer’ it to follow changes in the target’s direction and speed. It is able to adjust trajectory 30 times per second. Sandia is looking for a partner in order to put it into production. NEW GAS COMPLIES WITH EU REGULATIONS Abbey Supply Company has developed a new gas – Abbey Predator 144a – to replace the currently-used 134a in line with EU regulation ‘Tokyo Protocol’ which banned 134a gas for use in airsoft. The older 134a gas – now discontinued by Abbey Supply – is used in air conditioning units and vehicles, as well as being used by airsofters, and the EU has declared it a global warming hazard. New regulations insisted a replacement be found, and Abbey Supply Company has met the challenge. The new gas contains no CFCs or HFCs and is environmentally safe. Predator 144a is suitable for use indoors and outdoors in warmer climes. By the time you read this it will be available in 700ml and 270ml aerosols. The 700ml can will retail at around £12. In other Abbey news, the popular Brut Sniper Gas is now available in smaller 270ml aerosol cans. For more details contact Abbey Supply Company: 010 March 2012 CARNAGE IN THE WOODS Combat Action Games’ annual Carnage event returns this year. Carnage in the Woods 2012 will take place 26-27 May at the Firstwave site in Norwich, and this year it’s set to be bigger than ever. A highly-social event, Carnage involves two teams that must collect items to earn points. With games running 10am-6pm on both Saturday and Sunday, and several other timed and objective-driven missions across the weekend, Carnage represents excellent bang for your buck – book your place before 13 May and it’s just £45 for the weekend (full price £60). With the site open from Friday for the keen to check out the game area, smaller skirmishes on the Saturday night and a social on Sunday (taking advantage of the Bank Holiday Monday) Carnage is the ideal event for teams and individuals alike. Airsoft Action hopes to be there in person to cover the weekend. For more details contact Combat Action Games: 01328 711867,