Agri Kultuur September / September 2016 - Page 86

Use ITAU LICK ENERGY for production purposes such as to increase milk flow, increase weight gain and help in the growth of wool. ENERGY LICK BLOCK Intake: Sheep: 80 - 150g/head/day Cattle: 600 - 1200g/head/day GAME LICK BLOCK GAME Use ITAU GAME LICK as a nutritional supplement on natural grazing and browsing Intake: Small Game: 120 - 200g/head/day Large Game: 750 - 1000g/head/day Use ITAU LICK PHOSPHATE as a mineral supplement on natural grazing, throughout the year. PHOSPHATE LICK BLOCK Intake: Sheep: 15 - 40g/head/day Cattle: 80 - 150g/head/day Use ITAU LICK PROTEIN during the dry season to help maintain body condition and essential metabolic functions, when grazing becomes scarce and dry. PROTEIN LICK BLOCK Intake: Cattle: 375 - 600g/head/day Contact: Hannes Diedericks Cell: 082 807 9197 Fax 0865382932