Agri Kultuur September / September 2016 - Page 75

Salad Season the steaks with Chilli & Garlic Seasoning, drizzle and turn in olive oil. Leave at room temperature for 20-30 minutes (the Chef's term for this is 'tempering the meat', it ensures flavour absorbance and even cooking.) Pan-fry the steaks in a ribbed griddle pan over high heat to medium rare. Remove the steaks to a wooden board and cover with foil, shiny side towards the meat. Leave to stand for 5-10 minutes in order for the juices to settle. Slice the meat against the grain into thin slices. Scrape the sliced steak (and any juices) into a mixing bowl. Toss with the dressing and sliced spring onions. Add a little olive oil to a small pan and flash-fry the cherry tomatoes until bright red and beginning to burst. Season with Chilli & Garlic Seasoning. Line a large plate with torn rocket and mint leaves. Top with dressed meat mixture, cherry tomatoes and toasted nuts.