Agri Kultuur September / September 2016 - Page 66

human consumption agar is found in baking and confectionary products and is widely used to clarify wine, juice and vinegars due to its excellent protein binding properties. In larger industries, agar is used to make adhesives and capsules for tablets. Calcified red seaweed  Due to their hard, calcified nature, encrusting coralline red seaweeds have a number of economic uses. In modern medical sci- ence coralline algae are used in the preparation of dental bone implants.  Coralline rubble (maerl, rhodoliths) is used in calcium mineral supplements, as soil pH conditioners, in the filtration of acidic drinking water, and as food additives for livestock.  Coralline algae are commonly used as ‘live rock’ in the marine aquarium industry, and in many tropical communities coralline rock is even used as building stones. A huge variety of seaweeds are readily available in Asian supermarkets. These algae form an important part of the diets of many Asian communities that have been eating seaweeds for over 1000 years.