Agri Kultuur March/ Maart 2016 - Page 36

Warmer northern irrigation areas The average yield for the first plantings in 2015 was 7.99 ton/ha. The combined analysis showed that SST 895 (8.63 ton/ha), SST 884 (8.59 ton/ha), PAN 3400 (8.52 ton/ha) and SST 875 (8.48 ton/ha) had the highest yields (Table 2). It should be noted that the yields of these first four cultivars did not differ significantly from each other. Average hectolitre mass was 80.84 kg/hl, and grain protein content was 11.71%. Falling number values were an average of 352 seconds. The four year average grain yields indicated that SST 806 (8.27 ton/ha) proFigure 2. Four year average yield (ton/ha) of cultivars included in the cooler duced the highest yield, followed by central irrigation areas during the period from 2012 to 2015 SST 895 (8.21 ton/ha) and SST 884 (8.12 ton/ha) (Figure 3). Table 2. Grain yield, hectolitre mass, protein content and falling number of entries for the warmer northern irrigation &V2