Agri Kultuur March/ Maart 2016 - Page 29

negotiable tool as it will not only give essential data on agricultural remedies but also international residue limit data. The greatest advantage of the AgriIntel Database is that labels are available on the website: it requires the user to search for a particular crop, identify the pest, disease or weed and then lock on to the label which is rapidly downloaded for viewing. Once the producer has refined his choice of a set of product he should then interrogate the residue database to check whether the active ingredients are allowed in the countries of destination and then finally check the available crop plans (these are currently still under construction). Deciding which pesticide to use to ensure good crop yields is now a fairly simple process. It will take a short time to become acquainted with the different information resources but once one gets the gist of it, it is simple to use and can make life easier and production much more cost effective. Dr Gerhard H Verdoorn, CropLife South Africa, 082-446-8946