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Components Required: The following components are required to plumb the pump and connecting it to the canals and fish tank. PLUMBING & COMPONENTS REQUIRED 32mm x 2” Male Adapter (To fit Pump) 25mm Ball Valve Single Union Solvent Socket (80%, 20%) 32mm Ball Valve Single Union Solvent Socket (Back Pressure) 32mm Double Union (Pump Maintenance) 32mm x 25mm Reducing Bush 32mm T-Junction Solvent Socket 32mm 90° Elbow Solvent Socket 32mm PVC Pipe Commissioning of Plumbing on Water Pump: • Attach the 32mm x 2” Male Adapter to the pump outlet. • Cut a length of 32mm pipe, 600mm long and glue it to the adapter (Yes, glue). • Glue the union to the other end. The reason we install a union is to disconnect the pump from the plumbing when needed for maintenance purposes. • Cut a piece of 32mm pipe, 30mm long and glue the one end into the union and the other end into a 32mm T-junction with the stem facing to the right. • Cut two pieces of 32mm pipe, 30mm long and insert it into the stem fitting a 32mm ball valve on the other side and the other 30mm pipe on the other side of the ball valve. • Take another 32mm T-Junction which will form part of your Venturi and insert the stem into the 30mm pipe. 1 each 2 each 1 1 2 2 3 6 each each each each each m • Fit a 32mm cap to the upright end of the T-junction and drill a 5mm hole in the cap. Insert a straw in the whole and push it down until the end of the straw is 2/3s passed the diameter of the stem. • Cut a 300mm piece of pipe and insert it into to the other end of the Venturi to complete the back-pressure line. • With regards to the 1 st T-Junction, plumb it all the way using 32mm elbows and different lengths of 32mm pipe until the place where the DWC and Fish Tank 25mm lines meet. • Connect the stem of the 32mm T-junction to the pump line. • Insert 2 x 32mm x 25mm Reducing Bushes on either side of the 32mm T-junction. • Cut two 40mm long, 25mm pieces pipe and insert it into the reducing bushes. • Connect the two “80%/20%” 25mm ball valves on either side of this 32mm T-junction and connect the fish tank and DWC lines. Conclusion: If all the components of the system are connected, the system is completed. It is important to test run the system for a week before you add the fish. During this time, possible leaks can be identified and fixed. Adjust the water flows in your system to get a good water level balance in the system. The fish can now be stock at a stocking density of AgriKultuur |AgriCulture 25