Agri Kultuur January / January 2018 - Page 22

• Once removed, wash the inside of the container thoroughly with soap and warm water and leave to dry for 24 hours. Since you need three DWC channels as per our design, follow the same steps with the other IBC. Once completed place the DWC cannels on the purlins to ensure that everything lines up. Ensure that you have enough clearance for your plumbing (see diagram “Plumbing Layout”) and if need to, move the necessary blocks or purlins to ensure sufficient clearance Construction of the Water Outlets: The water of a DWC canal overflows into a 25mm x 300mm standpipe. A 320mm x 50mm piece of pipe with draining slots goes over the standpipe and is long enough to go through the raft to the surface to prevent the raft blocking the standpipe. The standpipe drains into a 50mm pipe which in turn returns all the water from the interconnected canals back to the biofilter. At the end of the first and last canal is a vent pipe which prevents airlocks forming in the drainage pipe. Design drawing to illustrate the construction of the DWC grow beds: AgriKultuur |AgriCulture 22