Agri Kultuur January / January 2018 - Page 17

Fish Tank Outlet Construction: • Take the fish tank and turn it so that the narrow side without the tap faces towards you. • Take a measuring tape and measure 150mm from the top and 150mm from the right-hand side. Take a permanent marker and make a dot on the plastic liner. Fish Tank Inlet Construction (Venturi): • Take a 40mm T-Junction. • Insert a 32-25 x 20 conical reducer into the one end of the 40mm T-Junction as indicated in the diagram. • It is important that the nose of the conical reducer pass more than halfway into the 40mm T-Junction. If the conical reducer cannot go deeper due to an obstruction in T-Junction, file the edges inside the T-Junction down or alternatively cut a 20mm short piece of pipe into the nose of the conical reducer. It is very important, whatever option you decide that the nose of the conical reducer or small piece of pipe goes past the halfway mark. • Insert the 32mm x 20mm Reducing Bush into the top of the T-Junction and insert a 30mm breather pipe into the reducing bush. This pipe must be long enough to stick out above the surface of the water. • For the inlet into the venturi, cut a short piece of 25mm pipe and attach a 25mm 90˚ elbow. Once done connect the elbow to your 25mm main water inlet and you are good to go. • Drill a 50mm hole with a hole saw through the side of the tank with the dot as your centre. • Place the 2” threaded nipple through the hole and fasten it to the fish tank with a 50mm rubber gasket and 50mm PVC locknut on each side. • Put thread tape around the ends of each thread of the nipple and fasten a 63mm x 2” Adapter Socket (Female Thread) on each side of the nipple. • Take a 63mm PVC pipe and cut three 80mm long tubes with a circular saw. • Fit the two tubes on each side of the two adapters. • Once done, on the outlet side, fit a 63mm 90° Slow Elbow facing downwards. • On the inlet side, fit a 63mm Tee-Junction facing 90˚ upwards to prevent floating fish food or fish waste going through the outlet. • Insert the last tube into the T-Junction (see diagram) AgriKultuur |AgriCulture 17