Agri Kultuur January / January 2018 - Page 16

Construction of fish tank: Components required: To prepare you fish tank, the following list of components would be required Outlet 63mm x 2” Adapter Socket (Female Thread) 63mm Tee-Junction Solvent Socket 63mm 90° Slow Elbow Solvent Socket 2” Running Nipple 50mm Rubber Gasket 50mm PVC Lock Nuts Venturi Inlet 25mm 90° Elbow Solvent Socket 40mm T-Junction Solvent Socket 32mm x 20mm Reducing Bush 32-25 x 20 Conical reducer Waste / Drain 50 x 1½” Adapter Socket (Female Thread) 50mm Ball Valve Single Union Solvent Socket 50mm 90° Elbow Solvent Socket 50mm T-Junction Solvent Socket 1.5” Running Nipple 40mm PVC Lock Nuts 40mm Rubber Gasket 2 1 2 1 2 2 each each each each each each 3 each 1 1 1 each each each 2 each 1 6 1 0.5 2 2 each each each each each each Fish Tank Opening on Top: • Remove the two horizontal steel lengths attached to the top surface of the IBC tank holding the inner plastic container in place. The steel lengths are fixed with 4 star headed screws. Remove these four screws using a star headed screwdriver. • Mark a square with a permanent marker on top of the IBC, 150mm from each side of the tank. • Take a grinder and cut the PVC linen or the tank along these lines. • Once removed, wash the inside of the container thoroughly with soap (sunlight liquid and warm water) and leave to dry for 24 hours. AgriKultuur |AgriCulture 16