Agri Kultuur December / Desember 2018 - Page 54

Christel Fortuin is a star in the making Brian Berkman N ow that the rains have returned to the Boland, the farm road leading to the office at Lakeview Farm is muddy and the previously scorched and thirsty earth is now ready for the next crop of fruit.  The nearby Theewaterskloof Dam, so depleted just a few months ago, is more than 56% full. Lakeview, a 100% BEE-owned farm is among the Villiersdorp farms that supply apples and pears to Two-a-Day in Grabouw. Along with the permanent workers of Waterval, Green Oaks, Skoongesig, Monte Vista, Willem Thonie and Westfahlen these farm workers own 100% of the shares at Lakeview, a farm owned and managed by The Lakeview Farm Worker’s Trust with Two-a-Day as the strategic partner of the farming business. Importantly, the farm has a board of directors that comprise some of the beneficiaries, Two-a- Day representatives and commercial farmers. The permanent workers of the farm also have shares in Ithemba Elitsha (Pty) Ltd - Corner Farm. managing director Mr Attie van Zyl. Then he said: ‘Oh, so you are Christel. I only hear good things about you from the team at head office.’ I was amazed as I had no idea that he even knew my name,” she smiles while retelling this story. Fortuin is born and bred in this apple and pear growing valley. “I went to Kosie de Wet Primary school and then completed matriculation at Villiersdorp Secondary. My With her soft voice Christel Fortuin is an unlikely candidate for an Administration Clerk on the farm until you get to know her. In just a few moments of conversation you too will know you are dealing with someone who will continue to go far - a star in the making. “I was working at my desk one day when a management team from Two-a-Day was meeting with the farm manager Michael Jaarson. I was introduced to Two-a-Day’s AgriKultuur |AgriCulture 54