Agri Kultuur December / Desember 2018 - Page 52

Back at the cottage, we build a roaring fire and cosy up for the cold night ahead. A story about Oubos is not complete without a word about a ginger cat with whom you might be sharing your digs. I am so severely allergic to cats I start to sneeze the moment they look at me. Not, however, in this case. I can’t say if I’ve outgrown my allergy or if Cheeky Cherry is simply the non-allergic cat sort. She was in a ginger ball on the couch when we arrived. A tip of her tail unfurled when we approached but that was the extent of her engagement. Later she decided she wanted company and came to snuggle with us under the throws on the couch, arranged for this very purpose.  Do note that the nearest “shopping” area is in Prince Alfred’s Hamlet which is about 30 minutes away. The meat from Geldenhuys Butchery in the Hamlet is better than you might expect and worth a stop.  From R800 per night during a minimum two- night stay, this property represents excellent value for money. Search Oubos on Airbnb or follow this link: Follow @BrianBerkmanZA and see www. for more travel reviews, contact details for public relations/publicity representation and booking details for Brian’s Kitchen-Pop-Ups. AgriKultuur |AgriCulture 52