Agri Kultuur December / Desember 2018 - Page 50

p of the o t e h t n en. oy o ic to enj l be in the kitch n ic p a il Pack ou need w y ll A . in mounta Down three stairs are the in-door braai area and TV room. Although there is no MTN mobile phone reception in the accommodation, the Wi-Fi is free and fast and there is a full bouquet of DSTV satellite programmes to watch. This room also has the benefit of two large windows and glassy double doors that open up to the front terrace which has an inviting day bed and a very special attraction: a wood-fired hot tub in the garden. As keen hikers, we ventured into the area of the farm which is a proclaimed nature reserve. Just getting to the reserve gate is a treat as you pass the main homestead and a tree surrounded dam.  We saw Grey Herons and a family of ducks on the first dam as we walked past. There is a forested area with moss-green grass and wonderfully gnarled trees that appear quite magical. On passing more paddocks and a riding ring for the horses, we lifted the gate to enter the reserve. As far as the eye can see are apple and pear trees, denuded of their leaves during the winter months. As we climb along the jeep track to the first dam the fynbos looks pristine. Cape Sugar birds and sunbirds with their emerald heads dart and dive among the protea bushes and trees. We see the canoe at the dam which, in There are c aves to exp lore on the mountain. Look down ont o Tu of the mounta lbagh from the top in. AgriKultuur |AgriCulture 50