Agri Kultuur December / Desember 2018 - Page 48

When Growers Want to climb every mountain Agricultural PR specialist and travel writer, BRIAN BERKMAN (@BRIANBERKMANZA), knows where growers want to go on holidays.  A gri tourism or farm stays is a growing hospitality sector and the reasons why are clear: better bang for the Buck and an opportunity to be nearer to nature. A stay on a working farm is also educational as guests see first-hand the elements that contribute to getting food on our tables.   The Ceres Valley, known as a fertile apple and pear growing region, has another attraction. There’s a good chance of winter snow and a definite opportunity of experiencing a range of temperatures. Even in the heat of summer, early mornings and nights are cooler in Ceres than elsewhere. a grower d n a d u t e s is a hors and pears. s a la p u O s ape apple C - u r T of Go for a paddle on the dam, a kayak is right there. AgriKultuur |AgriCulture At Ouplaas, a Tru-Cape apple and pear growing farm in the Witzenberg Valley of ture Fynbos is in abundance in the na reserve on the farm. 48