Agenda Salon Concepts Brochure_2017_Web - Page 72

Get - A - Grip  250 - Blonde Product Code: GAG250-05 Triple A Grade Premium Quality Grips. Made using High Grade spun steel, carefully engineered to provide an open gate entry point for ease of application together with a larger retention area holding the hair firmly and reliably. 250 grips contained in a handy colourful tin. Case Size: 24 Barcode: 5060167722332 Get - A - Grip  100 - 24 Bo \^H\XNQL LB\^H\ܝY L ܚ\۝Z[Y[XX[H\[[\H^N \N L M̌LM] HH Hܚ\8 L HX”XNQ̍L L B\HHܘYH[Z][H]X[]Hܚ\ˈXYH\[YܘYH[Y[ \Y[H[[Y\YݚYH[[]H[H[܈X\Hو\X][ۈ]\]H\\][[ۈ\XH[HZ\\[H[[XXKLܚ\۝Z[Y[H[H\[[\H^N \N L M̌B] HH Hܚ\8 L H \^H\XNQ̍L LB\^H\ܝY Lܚ\۝Z[Y[XX[H\[[\H^N \N L M̌L