Agenda Salon Concepts Brochure_2017_Web - Page 58

Cricket Silkomb Pro30 Power Comb Product Code: CR15004 The Power Comb! The minimum flex and sizing provides stronger direction even with large sub-sections. Essential for moving, controlling, and elevating heavy, thick and coarse hair. Case Size: Single Barcode: 672555150044 Cricket Silkomb Pro50 Fine Tooth Tail Comb Product Code: CR15005 Fine tooth pattern is perfect for proper tension when wrapping perms, distributing hair color into nap or sideburn areas and teasing when styling hair. Metal tail is ideal for weaving, sectioning and/or lifting teased hair. Case Size: Single Barcode: 672555150051 Cricket Silkomb Pro35 Long Comb Product Code: CR15012 Pro 35 Long Comb - 212mm (8.5 inches) The two distinct teeth patterns expand your options and make this the great all around cutting comb. Provides even distribution instrumental for zero tension cutting techniques. New longer design adds 1″ or quicker cutting and sectioning, allowing a stronger direction with large sub-sections. Case Size: Single Barcode: 672555150129 Cricket Silkomb Pro55 Wide Tooth Tail Comb Product Code: CR15006 Consistent tooth pattern provides even distribution and wider sectioning ability while cutting or applying semi- permanent hair color. Slightly longer teeth allow for maximum penetration – great for detangling curly hair. Sectioning pick speeds up working time. Case Size: Single Barcode: 672555150068