Agenda Salon Concepts Brochure_2017_Web - Page 18

Dax - Short & Neat Product Code: 905 Short and Neat for the short natural look. Case Size: 12 x 99gm Barcode: 077315009059 Dax - Vegetable Shampoo Product Code: 402 Completely removes oils, pomades, sheen sprays and hairdressings. Case Size:  12 x 335ml Barcode:  077315004023 Dax - Restoring Conditioner Product Code: 412 A deep restoring light formula conditioner for use after cleansing with Dax removing shampoo. Case Size:  12 x 236ml Barcode:  077315000650 Dax - Wave & Groom Product Code: 904 Wave and Groom, curl definition for natural waves. Case Size: 12 x 99gm Barcode: 077315009042 Dax - Removing Shampoo Product Code: 410 A deep cleansing shampoo, ideal for removing build up, also very effective for oily hair types. Case Siz N L ͛[\N ML ”Y][ܙXHۈ HY[XNЋLY[ܚY[[ YY][H X]]Y[[KX[[X]]YY\HZ\\H^N LNYB\N  N L